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Next Door Photos empowers realtors, business owners and home builders with visual marketing solutions so they can get back to doing what they do best: running businesses and buying/selling houses. We have a team of local, highly-trained visual media professionals providing you with same day availability and next day turnaround.


We are a Kingdom-Minded organization that thinks people are more important than profits. As a locally-owned and MOR-affiliated company, we care deeply about Alameda County and making it a better place to live & work. Know of a ministry/non-profit/cause that could benefit from our donated products? Please let us know as we are always looking for ways to invest in our community.


We offer the most comprehensive suite of visual media products in the industry. We know how important it is to stay fresh on technology and offer you the best products for your listings.  Ask us about the cool things we are working on and the future of real estate visual media (like virtual reality)!

Our Team

J Jensen alameda


John is the local owner for Next Door Photos Alameda County. He has been in the photography world for 10 years.  He has two BA’s from Moody Bible Institute in Children’s and Family Ministry and Biblical Studies.  He is passionate about connecting with people and building a community with those he’s working with everywhere he goes. In his free time, you’ll find him taking nature photography, climbing, cycling or drinking coffee with his wife.

Headshot - Patrick Nissim (Alameda County)


Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, I graduated Florida State University’s film school with a BFA in Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts. After moving to Los Angeles, I spent 8 years shooting promotional content for Fortune 500 companies, filming with icons like Mac Miller and Dennis Rodman, and producing events that have been featured on VICE, Smithsonian, and the New York Times. I have since moved back to the Bay Area, pursuing Real Estate and Real Estate Photography.

Headshot - Elijah Merrell (Alameda County) circular


Elijah is videographer based in Livermore, CA.

Headshot - Riley McGuire (Alameda County) circular


Riley grew up in the Bay Area all his life. He is a photographer and videographer currently working on obtaining a film degree.  He enjoys interacting with people and make a connection in any way he can. Being a faith driven person, Riley is very blessed to have a job that is in his career! One day he would love to be his own boss and have a company of his own. He is excited for what the future holds!

Headshot - Antoinette Brown (Alameda County) circular


Antoinette is a dedicated Freelance Photographer who exhibits a true love for the craft, art and science of the photography process. She inspires others with her creative insight and enthusiasm. She takes great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and the subject that she photographs.

Headshot - Frederick Montecastro (Alameda County) circular


Frederick is residing in San Leandro CA. He was an Audio Visual Technician for about a year and majored in Media Communications. AV may be the first job he got, he however, has the skills of being a photographer / videographer which he’s gathered throughout his years of learning since he was in college and also did a couple of projects to build his portfolio. He hopes to work with experienced professionals who can employ and advance my skills.

Headshot - Chance Andre (Alameda County) circular


Chance is an outgoing and adventurous person, he see’s challenges not as a wall but as a mountain to be climbed. He is seeking to share his abilities as a photographer with the world building connections and making friends along the way.